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Your Health . . . Our Mission

Community Health Development, Inc. aspires to provide quality services to the community it serves. Our team is dedicated to educate and attend to the services you deserve for you and your family. Community Health Development, Inc. offers a variety of services such as:


Community Health Development, Inc. - The Heart of Uvalde, Leakey, Camp Wood, and surrounding communities.
During your visit, our team will answer your questions to meet your specific needs. To make your visit pleasant, CHDI has provided registration forms, data, and access to FAQ’s . If you have any question, please contact our call center at (830) 278-7105.

Medical Care

From the agency’s beginnings in 1983, CHDI leaders have understood that to practice medicine, young physicians need frontline training alongside veteran physicians whose knowledge and experience provides the best means of fighting disease. We believe that to best grasp illness, our medical care providers must also understand the patients who are afflicted and constantly be searching for better treatments, newer answers and greater ideas. It is a crucial aspect of improving health across our community and it’s what medical practice at CHDI is all about.

CHDI’s goal is to provide a comprehensive array of services under one roof. Our providers are board certified and highly skilled in a variety of disciplines including:

  • Family Medicine (adult, pediatric, elderly and all lifecycles)
  • Annual physical exams
  • Women’s Health
  • Diagnostic Lab & X-Ray
  • Childhood & Adult Immunizations
  • Disease Screening & Management
  • Family Planning
  • Specialty Referrals

We also maintain an extensive network of specialty care physicians who work with our providers to ensure our clients receive specialized care when needed. Ask your CHDI provider.


Women’s Health

Community Health Development, Inc. has always sought to blend outstanding medical treatment with uncommon personal care. Our Women’s Health Services was created to further this goal by bringing together numerous women’s health specialties under a single umbrella. Women at every stage of life can count on receiving undivided attention and specialized treatment at any of the CHDI health care centers.

Sample areas of care include:

  • Gynecological Services
  • Wellness
  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Diseases
  • Women & Heart Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep Disorders

Family Planning

CHDI is committed to providing high-quality, personalized care for men and women of reproductive age. We believe that every person should have access to a wide range of family planning options, and deserves an individualized consultation to help him or her make this decision. In addition to family planning, we recognize the importance of reproductive and sexual health. Our providers have expertise in treating such conditions as vaginitis, vulvar pain, and abnormal uterine bleeding. Our patients’ ages range from adolescence to menopause, and we are happy to treat women with other medical conditions that affect their gynecological health.

The CHDI Family Planning program offers a variety of medical, educational and counseling services to men and women in a sensitive, comfortable and confidential setting, including:

  • Comprehensive reproductive health assessments for males and females encompassing past medical history and physical examination
  • Routine and problem-related medical follow-up visits and contraceptive supply visits
  • Pap smears, urine testing for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV testing, plus screenings for anemia and diabetes
  • Treatment of STDs and common genital infections

Laboratory & X-ray

Individuals sometimes need immediate attention in non-emergency situations. This often results in a trip to the local emergency room, where true emergency cases take precedence and less-urgent cases must often wait for treatment. At CHDI, we believe patients need more access points to receive this form of care for acute conditions, especially in a significant cold and flu season. If this is an emergency, please contact your physician or 911.



CHDI’s Immunization program is available to new and existing clients, as well as the general public. This program is geared toward increasing access to childhood immunizations in an effort to reduce vaccine-preventable illnesses. Immunizations are provided for a nominal fee for those who qualify.

As a part of our disease prevention efforts, CHDI is actively involved in increasing access to vital services, such as flu and pneumonia vaccines. Prevention of flu and pneumonia is especially important for the elderly, individuals with chronic illnesses (diabetes, asthma, heart issues, etc.) and health care professionals. To increase access to these needed services, CHDI regularly schedules flu and pneumonia vaccination events in partnership with area agencies and businesses to ensure maximum vaccination rates in our service area.

If your organization or business is interested in scheduling an on-site vaccination event, please contact our Immunization Coordinator at (830) 278-7105.


Dental Care

Since November, 2009, CHDI’s expanded and comprehensive dental services have been located at the new Center for Community Wellness campus at 908 South Evans Street in Uvalde. The Dental Department is fully equipped to meet the needs of you and your family with ten dental operatories and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The agency’s dental staff not only provides services at the new campus, but also provides outpatient and emergency care at Uvalde Memorial Hospital.

The Dental Department works with various entities throughout the community to ensure that special populations, such as children under the age of five, the elderly and veterans, receive vital preventive and treatment services.

Like all CHDI direct care services, dental examinations and treatments are provided on a sliding fee basis and we accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid and CHIP

For more information or to make an appointment, please call (830) 278-3765.


Mental and Behavioral Health

Thanks to the generosity of many families, corporations, foundations and public agencies, CHDI is completing construction of the Center for Community Wellness campus in Uvalde. The Center is expected to include a new comprehensive Mental and Behavioral Health Department.

Stayed tuned for news and updates for the Mental and Behavioral Health.


Exercise and Fitness

CHDI has completed the construction of a Fitness Center at the Community Wellness Center thanks to the generosity of donations from families, corporations, foundations, and public agencies. In addition to exercise, the Center also provides management for prevention of chronic illnesses as well as the promotion of overall physical health.



As a part of one stop care for our registered clients, each CHDI health center operates an in-house, pharmacy and fills prescriptions at a reduced cost. Significant savings on brand-name medications are available for those who qualify through special programs provided by Pfizer, Astra Zenica and others.

Each health center’s pharmacy has varying hours of operation so please contact the center of your choice for information about having your prescription filled or refilled.


Billing & Health Records

Our dedicated staff is ready to provide quality health care services, regardless of one’s ability to pay. CHDI accepts most private insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP.

For individuals not covered by health insurance, CDHI has a sliding fee scale based on the client’s family income and family size. In accordance with Federal regulations, proof of income must be provided for the client to be eligible for reduced fees for services and prescription medications. In order to determine eligibility, the patient would need to bring:

  • The last four payroll check stubs or, if self-employed, the most current tax return.
  • Proof of residence address such as a utility bill (no P. O. Box).
  • Insurance card, if available, for private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, MQMB or QMB.
  • Driver’s license or official ID card.
  • Pre-payment of $18.00 for medical care or $30 for dental care.

In addition, other programs are available for prescription drugs, eye exams and glasses. Please contact your health center for more information.

CHDI is ready to welcome an exciting new electronic health records system in 2011. Watch this page for details as they become available. Health records are maintained at the health center where a patient received treatment. In case of relocation from the area, the transfer of health records is available, with a signed consent to transfer form, without charge.



Uvalde County Indigent Health Care Program

Community Health Development, Inc. is Uvalde County’s mandated provider for the Indigent Health Care Program. You can pick up an application at Our Health/Nuestro Centro de Salud. For more information, please call 830-278-7105.

Community Health Development, Inc. - The Heart of Uvalde, Leakey, Camp Wood, and surrounding communities.
Community Health Development, Inc. - The Heart of Uvalde, Leakey, Camp Wood, and surrounding communities.
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