Fitness Center

Fitness Center


908 Evans St., Bldg. C,
Uvalde, TX, 78801



Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm
Saturday 8am – 2pm


Please bring these completed forms to the Fitness Center to facilitate enrollment/re-enrollment.

Fitness Center

Illness Alert

If you become ill After Hours, please call our office at (830)-278-3985 to speak to a nurse.

Si se enferma después de nuestro horario, llame a nuestra oficina (830)-278-3985 para hablar con una enfermera.

About Our Fitness Center

The CHDI Fitness Center is designed to assist in the management and prevention of chronic illnesses as well as the promotion of overall physical health.  CHDI implemented the Fitness Center primarily for patients but is also accessible to the community in general. Fitness Center staff will offer to schedule or perform fitness assessments for the new members and patients referred by CHDI’s providers. Biometric information will be recorded if the new member desires to track his or her progress. Biometric information includes body weight, body fat, and various body measurements. The Fitness Center staff are available for one-on-one time with members who need the extra help. Help includes, but is not limited to, motivation, exercise programming, form analysis, health education, fitness assessments, and assisting with equipment issues. To keep track of workouts, members can save workouts from the TRUE equipment onto a flash drive, which can then be transferred to a computer using Excel or Word.

Fitness Center Staff

Mr. Chris Hynes

Mr. Chris Hynes

Physical Therapy Assistant

Ms. Danielle Ybarra

Ms. Danielle Ybarra

Certified Fitness Trainer


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