CHDI’s Response to the Tragedy
at Robb Elementary School


CHDI’s Response to the Tragedy at

Robb Elementary School

CHDI grieves the tragic loss of life on May 24, 2022. Several staff have been directly affected, losing close family members. We are crushed but as the motto very visibly displayed at Robb Elementary indicates: #TogetherWeRise

CHDI has begun the process of recovery and healing. Thanks to our wonderful Staff, Texas FQHC Family, and West Texas Counseling and Guidance, we began providing services to those affected within 12 hours of the event and began offering crisis counseling primarily for our Staff so that we can continue providing care. We have also cared for patients and eyewitnesses of the event, and we will be making our services available to our patients and the community at NO Cost.

For over 38 years, CHDI has delivered meaningful health care services to the community we love and are a part of. We pledge our long-term commitment to continue providing caring and compassionate care for all.

We are in the process of securing federal and private resources to build our capacity for long-term care. Tax deductible donations to support our efforts can be made at the link below.